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For answers to most commonly asked questions.

Check your computer. There are a few software requirements.
  2. Continue with the purchase of a class or classes and checkout.
  3. Create an OnlineFlagger.com account.
  4. Check your email for Order Confirmation. (You may need to check your junk, spam, or bulk mail folders)
Register the student. At the order confirmation page you can click the link to register or Choose Login from just about any page and choose Register a Student. 
  6. Check your email for the Unique Username and Password, it is needed to start the class.
Login to the class and begin the course.
  8. There are no refunds 
  9. It says no courses available. You either did not purchase a class yet, you made two accounts and your class is in the other account, you already registered, (choose Student Listing on the Left) you may need to purchase more classes (choose Return to State Listing on the left ).
 10. For more detailed information, see the
HELP Page or the Process
11. If you need help use the chat box in the left navigation bar or call 720-962-8815. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Standard Time (Colorado)